Instagram Growth with the human touch


let vibrance increase your instagram following by over 1500 new and engaged followers a month


‘You have grown my Instagram following from just 300 to over 14,000 in less than seven months, which has given me great scope for monetisation and future branding opportunities.’  @RJNATUREPHOTOGRAPHY


What we do

Our service is completely ‘hands on’.

We never buy any followers.

We never use any bots.

This helps keep your account safe, compliant with Instagram's terms and conditions, and means that the growth in your following is genuine!

Our Numbers

Typically, Vibrance will grow your Instagram account by over 1500 new and engaged followers a month. 

Niche it

We are able to target by location, interest, gender and age.

Put simply, we will profile and attract the type of follower your business needs!


Our pricing is very straightforward: We charge £300 a month.

Or we can tailor target numbers to suit lower budgets.